Containment (2018) is a remake of my first ever game, Containment, made back in 2015. This original game unfortunately no longer runs, hence my desire to remake it.

Containment is a single player reinvention of Pong, where your aim is to keep the ball on the screen for as long as you can by moving the paddles.

Your score is determined by how many times you manage to bounce the ball - your 'streak' - with the game gradually getting faster with each bounce.

For every streak of 20 bounces you achieve, you get a 5-second Time Warp power-up.

New features for Containment (2018):

  • Play with a friend with two new game modes: co-op, where one player controls the horizontal paddles and the other controls the vertical paddles, and versus, where each player controls half of the screen;
  • Pause menu: you can pause the game at any time, either to take a break if it's getting a bit too hectic for you, or to head back to the main menu or quit the game;
  • Improved Time Warp ability: the length of the Time Warp power-up has been extended from 3 seconds to 5 seconds, and whereas previously the paddles also slowed with the ball, the paddles now continute to move in real time;
  • Controller support: play using either a keyboard or a support game controller;
  • Audio settings: change the SFX and music volumes.


  • Movement: the paddles can be moved using either the WASD or arrow keys on a keyboard, or using the main joystick on a controller;
  • Launch ball/activate Time Warp power-up: use either the 'space' key on a keyboard or the 'A' button on a controller;
  • Pause: to pause/unpause the game, use either the 'escape' key on a keyboard or the 'START' button on a controller.


Containment (2018) Windows 12 MB

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